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Coines powerful punch of smooth bore with widespread protection of full fog. Operates as fixed orifice nozzle for quick operation and minimal training ; Switches smoothly from smooth bore to fog without losing flow or pressure; Pair with CAFS, premixed foam tanks and portable eductors; SaberJet. Coines penetration of solid bore tip with safety of fog pattern. Maintain excellent …

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A fog nozzle is a firefighting hose spray nozzle that breaks its stream into small droplets.By doing so, its stream achieves a greater surface area, and thus a greater rate of heat absorption, which, when compared to that of a smoothbore nozzle, speeds its transformation into the steam that smothers the fire by displacing its oxygen.Specially designed fog nozzles (with no stream …

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A full range of Automatic slide valve Nozzles suited to either high pressure hose reels or low pressure mainline hoses are also available including the ever-popular H500ST, Mid-Range and DM600. Delta''s Specialist Range includes the Attack CAFS, Smooth Bore, Marine Attack & Shockless Nozzles. To complement our range Delta offers a wide choice of

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Safety is the top priority when you’re fighting fires. It’s important for wildland firefighters to have reliable fire hoses with multiple fire nozzles. Here at The Supply Cache, we stock a wide variety of forestry fire nozzles and tips for wildland firefighters. From ball shutoff to constant flow firefighting nozzles, we’ve got what you need. We have a multitude of adjustable fire

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Hose length, diameter, and GPM (volume) all affect friction loss. As water passes through a hose, friction between the water and the inside surface of the hose causes turbulence, which slows the water. The results in a PSI drop (pressure loss) at the other end of the hose. The higher the gpm passing through a hose, the more turbulance and friction loss will result. Friction loss …

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The UltraJet fire hose nozzle is all-in-one, coining both the smooth bore nozzle and fog nozzle patterns. This nozzle has simple operations with no additional training required. Available with 1″ (25 mm), 15/16″ (24 mm), 7/8″ (22 mm) or 3/4″ (19 mm) tips. Low Pressure operation at 50 psi/3.5 Bar. egories: Akron Nozzles, Fire

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Select the hose size you want to use. We offer a specialty nozzles such by manufacturers such as Akron Brass, Dial a Jet and Scotty Fire Fighter. BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies offer a wide range of Bush Fire Fighting apparel and equipment to suit all budgets for Wildland and Forestry operational rural fire fighting requirements including hose for Rural and bush fire fighting.

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16/7/2021· Second, the fire fighting hose costs can’t break the Department’s budget. Finally, they have to be perfectly adapted to fit and attack fires in the most accurate way. The idea of big fire needs big water is traditionally heard in fire fighting. That has lead to the majority of fire departments purchasing larger hoses ala something with a 2 1/2 inch handline. While this …

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Layflat Fire Fighting Hose Ribblelite Type 2 with 2.1/2" Light Alloy Intantaneous Couplings ID: 64mmAvailable Lengths: 18 Mtr, 23 Mtr and 30 Mt.. £238.80 Ex Tax:£199.00 Add to Cart


The PATRIOT variable smoothbore fire fighting nozzle produces an adjustable solid stream with 5 different flow rates. With just a twist of the bumper of the nozzle, firefighters can set the flow rate without stopping to change tips. Ozone resistant neoprene bumper Knurled body for improved grip in wet conditions 1.5” NH threaded inlet Adjustable GPM with smoothbore …

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Materials Handling Hose Eva-Vacuum Ducting Medium (25MT Coils) Appliions: Air handling, dust and fume extraction. and industrial vacuum cleaners. Properties: Smoothbore EVA hose with low flow resistance. Robust, flexible and crush resistant.

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6/9/2015· The nozzle barrels are made from Ny-Glass for resilience and durability, making them foam compatible and 100% corrosion-proof. Features: Available in 50 gpm (190 lpm) and 100 gpm (380 lpm) sizes. Includes double fitting to provide thread connection. 38mm (1½”) NHT, NP or BSP Male threads.

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9/4/2019· With the Akron UltraJet Firehose Nozzle, there is no need to manage pressure while transitioning from smooth bore to fog. Switch smoothly from one to the other without losing flow or pressure. This makes it easy to choose your stream while maintaining consistent water flow. Operating the UltraJet Akron nozzle at low pressure reduces firefighter fatigue. Capable of …

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Adjustable to 95, 120, 165, and 190 GPM. The PATRIOT variable smoothbore fire fighting nozzle produces an adjustable solid stream with 5 different flow rates. With just a twist of the bumper of the nozzle, firefighters can set the flow rate without stopping to change tips.

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A 2 hose-line entry team, consisting of 4 firefighters, one line with a low pressure/high flow fog nozzle and the second with a smooth bore 22mm branch (solid stream nozzle) fed via 51mm hoses. These teams must work in a coordinated way and have good communiions with each other. As soon as possible back these lines up with appropriately positioned, manned safety …

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30/7/2019· The Delta Starflex Type 1 Competition fire hose is designed primarily for competition and training use. Most commonly used by Fire and Rescue Service Cadets and for Airport fire training this lightweight fire hose has an inner lining made of a light and durable polyurethane film coined with a circular woven jacket manufactured out of 100%

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1/8/1998· If desired, in place of using only a 1/4-turn ball control valve on a CAFS attack hose, you can attach an appropriate size smooth-bore nozzle …

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17/10/2019· The Delta Fire Smooth-Bore Fire Nozzle is one of the most versatile nozzles available today thanks to its two interchangeable solid bore jet tips (15mm & 19mm or 19mm & 24mm). The Smooth-Bore enables firefighters to project large volumes of water at relatively low pressures lending itself perfectly to use in high-rise buildings where water pressures from the …

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Our Fire Fighting Hose x 30 Mtr is suitable for fixed reel installations in public buildings and offices. Fire Fighting Hose x 30 Metre Sizes available: 19mm Inside Diameter (I/D) x 26mm Outside Diameter (O/D)25mm Inside Diameter (I/D) x 34mm Outside Diameter (O/D) Max. Working Pressure: 12 Bar (174 psi) Working Temperature: -20°C to +60°C Weight: 19mm I/D …

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Engineered with a smooth, tapered waterway, TFT’s smooth bore tips provide the stream quality, reach, and penetration that you have come to expect from a traditional smooth bore. Engineered for performance and durability, all smooth bore tips are manufactured from aluminum alloy which is then hard coat anodized, the critical orifice of the smooth bore is recessed 1/8” back into the …

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Air Seeder Vacumn Truck Suction Hose Tiger Tail . The Tiger tail suction and delivery hose is designed for use in extreme environments to transfer abrasive materials including slurries, waste trucks, many chemical and high volume air seeder appliions. The exposed helix provides protection from abrasives and allows for ease of drag when required.

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Use the Best & High-Quality Life Saving Equipment – Fire Fighting Hoses from Thornado. If you are worried to protect your family and property, you can bank upon our Fire hose. Thornado is the authorized distributor for the world renowned brand such as Sabre, Rapier, Tipsa, selling high quality firefighter hose and its related life-saving equipment on time. We sell the perfect fire …

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Nozzle Pressures Smooth Bore o Hand-held = 50psi o Master = 80psi Fogs (including fogs on master stream devices) o Most fogs = 100psi NOZZLE REACTION Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As water leaves a nozzle under pressure, it causes a reactionary force in the opposite direction. The formula used for …

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1/6/2006· With the new nozzles, the fog tip flows 150 gpm at 50-psi nozzle pressure. The smooth bore nozzle is 7/8 inch, which flows 160 gpm at 50 psi. Our pump discharge pressures are standardized for the

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The solid or smooth bore nozzle is the most basic of the four nozzle types, both in design and function. Its purpose is to produce a solid stream, which provides maximum reach and penetration. Single (Fixed, or Variable Pressure/ Variable Flow) Gallonage Nozzle. The single gallonage nozzle, the simplest form of the coination or fire nozzle type, provides flow at a …

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A large variety of end connections are available to be used with PTFE Hoses, whether it be Smoothbore PTFE Hose or Convoluted PTFE Hose or Vacuum PTFE Hose. The PTFE hose asselies are specially designed to be crimped to the hose. Once manufactured, the End Fittings are tightly crimped to the hose, as per the end user requirement. The entire hose …

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10/1/2017· If a fire attack will be made from a standpipe hose outlet, a 2½-inch hoseline equipped with a smoothbore nozzle with either 1 1/8-inch or 1¼-inch tips should be used. It is imperative that

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7/5/2009· 05-07-2009, 10:06 AM. smoothbore. The rule of thu is your nozzle should not be more than half the diameter of the hose. I you look at 2 1/2 inch hose, the largest tip size you will see is 1 1/4. Therefore 1 3/4 hose should have a 7/8 inch tip. …


Fog Master Stream 100psi Smooth Bore Master Stream 80psi Low Pressure Fog 50 or 75psi Size of Hose Maximum Flow 1-1/2” 125 gpm 1-3/4” 150 gpm 2” 200 gpm . Rev. 4/16/19 MCFRS Driver Certifiion Program Page 2 of 3 Brush Truck - Module 8 …

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A well balanced attack may consist of 2 hose lines, one terminating in a smooth bore branch (19-22mm) and a suitable low pressure/high flow coination branch. With this coination, modern compartment fire-fighting techniques and, perhaps “old fashion” high flow solid jets, can be used together or in isolation to provide the best attack of the fire.. Whenever possible these should …