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Read more about Kelly Hose → Rotary Drilling Hose. Rotary drilling hose is used to convey drilling liquids from the top of mud standpipe to the rotary swivel. Operating pressure up to 4000psi. Read more about Rotary Drilling Hose → Fireproof BOP Hose. BOP control line manufactured as API 16D has 1/4inch to 2inch bore size and 5000 psi operating pressure and …

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21/9/2021· Remote operated Kelly valve reduces ( optional ) mud spillage when back reaming or breaking off after circulating above the rig floor. Reduce total drilling costs by increasing drilling efficiency. No drilling downtime caused by the inability to engage the kelly bushing in the rotary table. Eliminate time lost due to picking up or racking back

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8/12/2016· • Top drive o A mechanical device on a drilling rig that provides clockwise torque to the drill string to facilitate the process of drilling a borehole. • Kelly hose o is a flexible, steel reinforced, high pressure hose that connects the standpipe to the kelly. • Goose neck o A thick metal elbow connected to the swivel and standpipe….

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kelly hose. 1. n. [Drilling] A large-diameter (3- to 5-in inside diameter ), high- pressure flexible line used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. This flexible piping arrangement permits the kelly (and, in turn, the drillstring and bit) to be raised or lowered while drilling fluid is …

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The drilling rotary hose is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the swivel which can move vertically. It resists corrosion of hydrogen sulfide and can deliver water, oil, mud high‐pressure media. Standards: API Spec 7K, SY/T5469. Low Med High; Flexibility: Cycle Life: Pressure Rating : Chemical Resistance: Flexibility: Download …

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Description:Dn80 Drilling Hose,Kelly Hose Drilling Rig,Rotary Kelly Hose,Choke And Kill Hose. Hebei Huayu Special Rubber Co.,Ltd. All. All; Title Home; Products. Drilling Hose. API 7K Drilling Hose; Gost 28618-90 Hose; 2 Inch Drilling Hose; 4 Inch Drilling Hose; DN80 Drilling Hose; DN89 Drilling Hose; 35Mpa Drilling Hose; 70Mpa Drilling Hose; 25Mpa Drilling …

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Kelly Adapter for casagrande rotary drilling rig Kelly box adapter for casagrande rotary drilling rig Kelly bar adBrand Name: huachang , Model Nuer: hc2001, Place of Origin: china, MOQ: 1 Tianjin Huachangxingye Technology Drilling Branch

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FARIS INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box: 43135 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E Tel : +971-2-6723788 Fax : +971-2-6723801

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Made of heavy duty rubber and steel cables the Kelly hose flexible piping allows the Kelly and the bit and drill string to be raised and lowered while the drilling fluid is pumped through the drill string. The lowering of the drill string while pumping fluid is crucial to the drilling process. Usually made in diameters of 2"-2-1/2"-3"-3-1/2" and 4" i.d''s and in lengths from 30'' ft up to 85


Reverse circulation, sliding angle drilling rig, manufactured 2008, Dual stage 1150/500 Sullair compressor with clutch (900/500 and 1,150/350), 93,000# pullback, tophead has 106,000 in-lbs torque, Cummins QSK19-C Tier 1 deck engine (755 hp), 30'' sliding angle mast to drill holes up to 45 degrees from vertical, swing-out style control panel on side of rig, 22" hinged table opening …

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Hose 7. Draw-works 8. Standpipe 9. Kelly hose 10. Goose-neck 11. Traveling block 12. Drill line 13. Crown block 14. 15. Racking Board (Sometimes referred to as the Monkey Board) 16. Stand (of drill pipe) 17. Setback (floor) 18. Swivel (On newer rigs this may be replaced by a top drive) 19. Kelly drive 20. Rotary table 21. Drill floor 22. Bell nipple 23. Blowout preventer …

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New and Used Drilling Boring Rigs insights. There are 75 Drilling Boring Rigs for sale in Australia from which to choose. Overall 63% of Drilling Boring Rigs buyers enquire on only used listings, 33% on new and 8.01% on both new and used Drilling Boring Rigs items.Buyers usually enquire on 2.00 different Drilling Boring Rigs classifieds before organising finance for Drilling …

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In a or drilling rig, the kelly hose connects the standpipe, which is the rigid metal shaft that delivers the mining fluid, to the swivel, which is the piece that supports the weight of and controls the rotation of the drill string. Its purpose is to provide a flexible drilling fluid conduit, as a rigid conduit would be unable to move with the swivel and would therefore disallow

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drilling line 4, crown block A, traveling block B, and the hook C. A circulation system of drilling fluid consists of the suction pits P, pumps Q, surface piping, standpipe, rotary hose (or kelly hose) F, and swivel D which is connected to the kelly E, and directed lines show the flow path of the drilling fluid.

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Kelly hose for drilling rig system. Kelly hose is used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. It allows the drill string to be raised and lowered while the drill fluid is pumped through it. Kelly line usually contains two layers of plated steel cables to reach 5000 psi operating pressure. Inside tube is made of special NBR to improve abrasion and corrosion capability. Rubber cover is

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In rotary drilling operation, the hydraulic system consists of stand pipe, rotary hose, swivel, kelly, drillpipe, drill collar, drill bit, and the annulus. The mud pump discharges the drilling fluid which passes through the surface lines and hydraulic system. The mud begins to travel downward through the drillpipe and drill collars and is expelled through the nozzles of the bit and return up

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Rotary Drilling Rigs. Describe the different types of land rigs. (6 marks) Ans: These are further divided into four Blocks = 4 b. The Rotary Table = 9 and 10 sit on it. c. The BOP Stack = not shown. It’s below the platform d. The Kelly Hose = 17 e. The Mud Pumps = 32 f. The Monkey Board = 3 g. The Pipe Racks = 21 h. The “Vee” Doors = beside 22 i. The Drawworks = 13 j. …

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Transfer of potable water, non-potable water or liquids not containing oils or chemicals from a supply ship to an offshore drilling rig or platform. Various water-based transfer appliions for offshore or onshore work sites. The food grade tube meets FDA requirements and will not impart taste to drinking water. The heavy duty reinforcement is designed to survive extreme oilfield …

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Drilling Rig Hose and Crawler Drilling Rig, Hose Set, Hose Tube products are commonly for chemical use. A few examples, detergents are products that contain an active substance called surfactants or surface active material. Another industry for chemical usage is Clothing. Textiles used for making clothes are sometimes finished by chemical processes to enhance their …

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1/4/2021· Kelly hose – a flexible, steel reinforced, high pressure hose that connects the standpipe to the kelly — or more specifically to the goose-neck on the swivel above the kelly — and allows free vertical movement of the kelly while facilitating the flow of drilling fluid through the system and down the drill string. The kelly hose has an inside diameter of 3-5 inches.

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KR size small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig in many fields of metro,viaduct,houses win the praise of all the customers for the construction result,it will be the low cost and high efficient pile working equipments in operation field of our country’s new urbanizational construction. With the goal “be the reliable pile working proficient,fabrie the trade leading outstanding

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DRILLING MUD VIBRATOR AND JUMPER HOSE, AND ROTARY HOSE This standard covers all types of hoses specified in clause 9.10 of API Spec 7K. The defini- tions of terms contained in clauses 3.0 and 9.10.1 of API Spec 7K shall apply. A.1 Hose length A.1.1 ROTARY HOSE LENGTH In order to avoid kinking rotary hose, the length of hose and height of standpipe …


The power system of a rotary drilling rig has to supply the following main components: Rotary system, non-rotating rotary hose and the rotation kelly). Kelly: The kelly has a square or hexagonal cross-section and provides the rotation of the drillstring. Because the kelly is made of high quality, treated steel, it is a flashy part of the drillstring. Thus to prevent the kelly from

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In an effort to prevent kinking, binding or snagging of kelly spinner hoses during the raising and lowering of said hoses together with a rotary hose in oil drilling rigs, it is known to tape the kelly spinner hoses to the rotary hose which provides the drilling fluid. There is a serious defect in this arrangement since the kelly spinner hoses and the rotary hose are used independently in the

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API 7K Rotary Drilling hoses also called oilfield drilling hoses, vibrator hoses, mud hoses, cementing hoses, kelly hoses, de-coking hoses, for the steady high pressure oilfield service. PME Grade D and Grade E rotary hose are designed and produced for mud delivery and cement service on the drilling rigs, by pumping mud at extra high pressure in oilfield drilling …

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Offshore drilling rigs have similar elements, Vibrating hose (#6) is a flexible, high pressure hose (similar to the kelly hose) that connects the mud pump to the stand pipe. It is called the vibrating hose because it tends to vibrate and shake (sometimes violently) due to its close proximity to the mud pumps. This page was last edited on 27 October 2021, at 23:58 (UTC). …

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Rotary drilling hoses which are commonly referred to as Kelly Hoses are used on the drilling rig as high pressure, flexible rubber, steel reinforced hoses used to connect the standpipe to the swivel or top drive. Made of heavy duty rubber and steel cables the rotary hose flexible piping allows the Kelly, the bit, and drill string to be raised and lowered while the drilling fluid is …