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- 35 / + 125 C° Steel Wired Hoses - High Temperature Exhaust Hose Using Areas: - 70 / + 250 C° Features : • Extremely flexible • Improved temperature resistance • Small bend radius • Hardly inflammable • Compressible ca. 1:5 • Exhaust equipment • Extremely … Read More + Read More. TECHNI CONNECT 04 - 60 / + 260 C° Features : • Good temperature resistance …

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Industrial ventilation hoses with high temperature resistance 110°C ÷ 1100°C. Ventilation flexible hoses for high temperature and low pressure. Suction and ventilation of hot air, hot gases, smoke. Metal hoses and hoses from technical fabrics. Hoses used in aviation industry, aerospace industry, general engineering, automotive industry.

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Exhaust Hose - 30mm ID - Temperature Resistant -30°C to +100°C - Sold per Metre.. View More Information. Add to Enquiry. Vetus Exhaust Hose - 40mm ID - Reinforced Rubber with Smooth Bore - Flexible High Quality (SLANG40) Online Price: $72.00 (Including 10% GST Tax) Exhaust Hose - 40mm ID - Temperature Resistant -30°C to +100°C - Sold per Metre.. View …

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29/7/2019· Some heat resistant hoses such as high temperature rubber exhaust hoses are specially designed to function in hot environments and serve as an outlet for chemical fumes, smoke, steam, hot exhaust gases, and so on, depending upon the appliion. Garage exhaust hose systems are applicable in several areas. Cost-effective and durable car exhaust hoses …

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Ecoosi clamped profile hose high temperature ducting is a high temp duct that could handle working temperature resistance to 400°C, a short time can handle about +450 °C. This flexible ducting hose is ideal used for hot and cold gases and for dust, powder, fibers, high-temperature extraction: oven, foundry, furnace, smelting, ceramics industry, glass industry, steel plant, …

Flexible Silicone Hose - High Temperature - 63 mm Diameter

Flexible Silicone Hose - High Temperature – 63 mm Diameter – 400 cm Length The flexible silicone hose is semi-rigid with a 63 mm diameter and a length of 400 cm. The working temperature is -60°C – 300°C. Function The hose (silicone) circulates air through the length of the ducting, and the material can be twisted and still holds it shape to maintain airflow. The …

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Hightemflex – High Temperature Flexible Hose – Flexible Hoses. Hightempflex 200 – High Temperature Flexible Hose – Flexible Hoses. Holzher Edgebander Dust Extraction. Holzher Sprint 1329 Edgebander Dust Extraction. Homag CNC Router Dust Extraction. Homag Edgebander Dust Extraction

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Ezi-Flex "Hi Temp Flex" is a very durable and flexible product that is suitable for the removal of high temperature fumes, smoke and gasses from vehicles, generators, ovens, foundries and many other high temperature flexible ducting appliions. Ezi-Flex "Hi Temp Flex" is constructed from a silicon coated fibreglass fabric with a galvanised steel outer helix. It has a …

“Spiral-Lock (Silicone 2P) 750” High Temp Flexible Hose

The "Spiral-Lock (Silicone 2P) 750" high-temp flexible hose is made from double-ply silicone coated fiberglass fabric that is mechanically crimped in a continuous process. The silicone coating gives the product great resistance to extreme temperatures, making it great for fume control appliions. The fabric on this hose is locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip that …

High Temperature Ventilation Hose-

This flexible high temperature ventilation hose is made by fiberglass fabric duct hose coated with a Para-Aramid compound and clamped with a steel wire helix. Ecoosi clamped high temperature ventilation air duct hose is ideal used in fume exhaust appliions that handle high tempreature working environment. This high temperature ducting hose


The most important component to a source capture vehicle exhaust system is the flexible hose. Selecting the appropriate size and temperature rating is key to a functional and efficient system. Medium temperature hoses are most common for smaller appliions such as car dealership & small engine repair facilities. High temperature hose construction is common for diesel and …

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TWO LAYER HIGH TEMPERATURE HOSE UP TO +570°F FOR INDUSTRIAL AND DIESEL EXHAUST APPLIIONS. Hose wall material: Double layer, twill weave textile fabric with Kevlar® outer layer, lightweight glass fabric inner Spiral material: Galvanized steel Master-Clip Thermo and Insulating Hoses THERMO AND INSULATING HOSE FOR MAINTAINING …

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This means that our high temp hose is a great choice for appliions where the high temperature hose will be placed near flammable materials and is a suitable choice for jobs with strict fire safety regulations. The potential damage that can result to ducting from unchecked fires cannot be overstated; even the most minor of flare-ups can have severe consequences for not …

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Product Description. Hardwall marine exhaust rubber hoses with a corrugated cover. Sold per metre. Manufactured by Thor in Italy. Temperature range: -30 degree Celsius to +100 degree Celsius. Tube: Black smooth, marine exhaust and sea water resistant NBR rubber. Reinforcement: Double steel wire helix with high strength synthetic textile yarn.

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FD1 HIGH TEMP. DUCT . FD1 is a top quality rubber duct hose for high temperature air flow and fume removal. A two-ply fiberglass, coated with silicone gives a rating of 500 deg F, and the smooth bore allows for maximum air flow. 3/4" to 12" diameters. -75F to 500F.

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Ultraflex™ is a smoothbore metal hose ideally suited for dry bulk pneumatic conveyance. This hose is produced with a durable armor and a highly abrasion-resistant liner. Hose Master’s precision manufacturing process makes Ultraflex unequaled in strength and flexibility. Unpacked. Packed. When to use flexible metal products. Learn More Select the right hose for your …

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As the go-to suppliers of industrial ducting in Australia, Plascorp is known for producing flexible duct hoses, which are crafted from high-quality materials and provide the best results. We focus on making flexible ducting that is durable in nature and easy to install. Whatever industry you are involved in, from mining to construction, our flexible ducting is the best solution for your …

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Overview. Monoxivent offers a nuer of hose types to fit a vast array of appliions.The hose types include: two types of metal interlocking hose (Series 1000/2000), no crush (Series 3000), high-temperature vehicle exhaust hose (Series 4000), medium-temperature (Series 5000), welding/flame retardant (Series 6000), and high-temperature (Series 7000).

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Flexible Hose / Duct (18) Abrasive Flex (3) CNC Flex (1) Food Grade Flex (1) Fume, Welding & Exhaust Flex (4) High Temperature Flex (3) Metal Flex (1) PVC & TPR (2) Specialty Hoses (1) Tierflex (3) Fume Extraction (6) Heat Plant - Wood Fired (1) Hose Clamps (2) Industrial Fans (2) Modular Ducting (21) Rotary Valves (1) Safety & Explosion


FD2 HIGH TEMP SILICONE EXHAUST HOSE. See all Duct / Exhaust hoses Hose By Material. Metal Rubber PVC PTFE High Temperature Rating of 550F; Extremely Flexible, with a Compression Ratio of 6:1 up to 6" diameters, and 8:1 up to 18" diameters ; The External Metal Strip adds Superior Strength. The compression ratio is 6:1 up to 6" diameters, and 8:1 above …

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Very flexible. Titanium stabilized 316 stainless alloy for superior high temperature corrosion resistance. Suitable for chemical fume exhausting, high temperature, & corrosive appliions where both positive & negative pressures are involved. 25'' coils can ship via UPS in 3" to 4" diameters. Wall thickness = .006".

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Choose from our selection of exhaust hose, including high-temperature flexible duct hose, high-temperature rigid metal duct hose, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

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Hightemflex – High Temperature Flexible Hose – Flexible Hoses. Hightempflex 200 – High Temperature Flexible Hose – Flexible Hoses. Holzher Edgebander Dust Extraction. Holzher Sprint 1329 Edgebander Dust Extraction. Homag CNC Router Dust Extraction. Homag Edgebander Dust Extraction

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Metallic Hose. Stainless Steel Hoses – Our Vitalflex® stainless steel braided hose asselies are the most superior range of flexible metal hoses on the global market. Vitalflex® Asselies can be made in 304, 316 and exotic materials such as Monel. These asselies can be certified to AGA and WaterMark standards as well as welding to AS 4041 and ASME IX structural …

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Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reel High Temp Flexible ducting - REMOVED. REMOVED. Description. Hose Reel Flex TPE product code HRF ( Dia )TPE Ezi-Duct Hose Reel Flex TPE is designed as an exhaust gas hose particularly applied for the suction of engine exhaust gas on vehicle exhaust hose reels. It can also be used for for slotted floor channels & for above and below …

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Buy High Temperature Flexible Exhaust Pipe for Generator Supplier directly with low price and high quality. Wuxi Xishan Huanyu Metal Hose Co., Ltd +86-510-88751037 / +86-13961861273


Steel hoses, while also flexible, may be more appropriate for appliions where the hose will not be moved as frequently. Steel hoses also offer more durability in a situation where the hose may be bumped into as it wouldn’t be subject to tears that could occur in silicone hoses if the hose was bumped up against another object. For example, if a hose will be carried around …

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Gates Full Line of High-Temperature Hoses: 121°C M3KH High Temperature Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R17 Use for high pressure hydraulic oil lines. Meets SAE 100R17 requirements and performance requirements of EN 857 1SC. M3K hose has smaller exterior dimensions and significantly tighter bend radius than other SAE 100R1 and 100R2 hose. M4KH Use for high …

Automotive High Temperature Steel Flexible Exhaust Pipe

Automotive High Temperature Steel Flexible Exhaust Pipe. 1. Suitable for a wide range of the tail pipe link. 2. We can make parts with a high degree of flexibility. 3. In particular, we increase the height of the bellows to enhance the effectiveness of vibration absorption. 4.

Exhaust Hose - 45mm ID - Reinforced Rubber with Smooth

Vetus Exhaust Hose - 45mm ID - Reinforced Rubber with Smooth Bore - Flexible High Quality (SLANG45) Vetus Exhaust Hose - 45mm ID - Reinforced Rubber with Smooth Bore - Flexible High Quality (SLANG45) Exhaust Hose - 45mm ID - Temperature Resistant -30°C to +100°C - Sold per Metre . Online Price: $80.00 (including 10 % GST tax) Qty Add to Enquiry - OR - …